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CAMP SHANE: A young adult weight loss camp program developed especially for you. Our goal is to help you achieve great weight loss results while having a great time. The adult weight loss camp program is run alongside other campers with a bit more flexibility and freedom. Their young adult camp is designed for men and women ages 18 to 25, while the mom and family camps are open to those respective groups each summer. All camps take place at the Pocono Trails location in Reeders, Pennsylvania, along with their standard Camp Pocono Trails weight loss camp and Internet Habit Reversal Camp for kids and teens.

Unite Fitness & Weight Loss Camp will drastically change your current fitness level with the guidance & support of our certified and motivating trainers. Unite is known as one of the best weight loss camps for adults in America for changing habits and geting results. Empowered Wellness Weight Loss Camp helps kids, teens and young adults reach and maintain their happiest, healthiest weight. Campers get proven cognitive-behavioral methods, realistic fitness and nutrition strategies PLUS 12 months of professional wraparound after-care.

The fat camps for adults center both the physical and emotional facets of weight problems, and design the perfect treatment for you personally. Helpful weight loss programs are personalized in order to satisfy your unique needs. Here you may find out about how fat camps for adults will let you live a health boosting life. Sep 30,  · Adult Fat Camps in New Jersey. by Michelle Labbe Updated September 30, closely monitored setting of weight loss camps can inspire change in adults trying to manage their weight and drop excess pounds. For adults trying to take control of their weight in New Jersey, options range from disciplined bootcamps to holistic wellness.