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adult diaper dare - diaper punishment

Comments for Adult Diaper Dare Story: Total Embarrassment - Diaper Dare Ended with the Police. Nov 25, Omg dafuq!? by: Francis. Pretty shocking, to say the least, Tom! If you end up with the Police and in jail for a dare, then it being . ''I dare you to put on a diaper for the rest of the game''.Or run around nude in the front yard. ''Okay'' she said doubtingly. She went in Krista's little sister's room and put on vulvaxxx.xyz walked out of her room and all of the girls chuckled except Krista."I always knew sometimes you act like a baby but now we know you are'' said lilly.

Sep 8, - Explore Rainbow's board "Diapers, girly boys, and dares, oh my!" on Pinterest. See more ideas about diaper girl, diaper captions, diaper pins. DIAPER DARE. Rate This Story: Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor: My mom has a friend with a daughter my age named Kara. We hate each other. My mom went out if town for a week when I was 11 and I had to spend the week with Kara. The first night she had another friend Alice spend the night too. We were playing truth or dare.

Diaper Need Quiz. 24 Comments. This quiz is to determine if you need to wear Diapers, Pull Ups, Goodnites, or not. This quiz may was made for all ABDL people out there. I hope you enjoy this quiz. The inspiration for this quiz is all the ABDL people out there. I hope that you get your desired category. Good luck and enjoy the quiz. Standing in the living room, at some point she did not dare to move anymore, all she could do was holding the hand on her stomach trying to ease the cramps. She did not realize that her boyfriend was leaning in the door and observed her potty dance. “Just relax and use your diaper, sweetie”, he said with a calm voice.