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Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence Ron Weasley has been doing everything he can to keep Hermione safe, but when a home intruder threatens their precarious situation he turns to Draco Malfoy for help, putting them all in situation filled with more tension than they could have possibly imagined. Only time will tell if it was the right move. Two of the top aurors, Ronald Weasley and Draco Malfoy, are framed for murder and are sent to a new wizard prison. If they want to stay alive, they have to escape and prove their innocence. But that means they'll have to work together. Something neither wants to do.

Jul 16,  · A Draco/Ron fanfic This is my first little short story on here so I really hope you like it. It's not very good and it is pretty short but I tried Paid StoriesReviews: Ron's been assigned by the Order to man a tiny cottage in the mountainside of Romania to be used as base for the Light's missions in the surrounding vulvaxxx.xyze the bleak enviroment, Ron still holds hope in the simple truths. xSLASH RonDraco x.

Neville looked over at Harry, realizing that Ron's argument was likely to sway him, "I know what I saw Harry," he stated clearly, "Draco was clearly defending Hermione from Ron's rumors." With a snort Ron managed to force himself to his feet, "Well then I guess it's a good thing you've resigned to be a lowly professor then isn't it. Hermione nudged Draco in the ribs and pointed to Ron and Pansy. Draco couldn't help but laugh into her mouth as he watched Ron be mauled by Pansy. She was definitely the aggressor. Ron's arms were flailing in all different directions as he tried to control the snogging session. Now it was time for Hermione to put her act on. The act of jealousy.