copine de passage - adult fish passage


adult fish passage - copine de passage

The Jack Chinook adult passage counts are the sum of hatchery spring, hatchery summer, wild spring, and wild summer jack chinook as reported by WDFW and Chelan PUD. Steelhead Counts: The Steelhead parameter includes both hatchery and wild counts. Prior to wild steelhead data was not published on a daily basis. Adult fish returning from the ocean to their spawning grounds pass the dams through fish ladders. Snake River chinook and steelhead go through 8 dams (Bonneville to Lower Granite) and Upper Columbia chinook and steelhead go through 4 federal dams (Bonneville to McNary). Upper Columbia stocks also go through public utility-owned dams above McNary.

Fremont Weir Adult Fish Passage Modification Project. In , Reclamation and the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) began the Fremont Weir Adult Fish Passage Modification Project to improve adult fish passage at the Fremont Weir and along the Tule Canal in the Yolo Bypass. The project constructed a new fish passage structure at Fremont Weir to widen and deepen the fish . 7 Day and YTD Adult Counts. The Fish Passage Center (FPC) provides current and historic data on salmon and steelhead passage in the main stem Snake and Columbia river basins. Data from the Smolt Monitoring Program (SMP) is intended to provide the information basis for federal, state and tribal recommendations for fish passage Learn more.

The lowered reservoir made the regular fish ladder facilities and counting equipment inoperable. GCPUD was able to make modifications for fish passage at the dam, but a count was not taken at the dam. Wells Dam, Lamprey Research, The Lamprey adult passage counts at Wells Dam are not reflective of actual run size during Trapping, monitoring, and research efforts at Wells .