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Dec 30,  · HIV scare in porn industry after 2 actors test positive December 30, / PM / AP LOS ANGELES -- Two adult film actors have contracted HIV, with one most likely infecting the other during. Oct 13,  · The U.S. porn industry came in for severe criticism today as it was revealed that a XXX-film star had tested positive for HIV. The adult 'star' tested positive for the condition at .

Oct 17,  · LA porn industry in disarray over HIV scare 18 October 10 California's multi-billion dollar adult film industry is in disarray after one of its performers tested positive for HIV. Apr 21,  · Some companies have as much as a year's worth of movies ready, said Jill Kelly, a former adult performer turned producer. The last industry HIV scare was in , when a male performer tested.

The adult film industry is pulling out of production after another porn star has tested positive for HIV. The Free Speech Coalition, the advocacy group for the industry called for another. She's cofounder of the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation, where 1, performers are tested monthly for diseases from gonorrhea to AIDS. The scare started when a porn actor named Darren.