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There are currently more than known procedures for fixing hypospadias. After puberty, repair is made in two stages that are spaced 4 to 6 months apart. Most commonly, the skin in the mouth is used for the repair. Get useful, helpful and relevant health + wellness information. Hypospadias Re-Do Surgery – Adult Patients born with hypospadias who undergo repair are at risk for the development of urethral strictures. A high percentage of our patients with stricture disease report a history of hypospadias repair during childhood.

Longer time for indwelling urine catheter: We like to keep catheter inside for days for distal hypospadias repair in adults and days for severe hypospadias repair in adults. This is in contrast to children where most of the catheters are removed in days. Hypospadias in Adults While most hypospadias repairs are done in boys, occasionally an adult was not operated and then desires surgery because of urinary spraying or unhappiness with the appearance. Other adults wanting surgery have complications that were never fully corrected during childhood.

Hypospadias Initial Treatment – Adult We initially determine if there is any disabling downward curvature (chordee) that requires correction, and perform a complete urethral evaluation to assess the presence or absence of stricture. Hypospadias is the abnormal opening of the urethra at the undersurface of the penis. Hypospadias repair is performed in such patients to treat the condition. The success level of hypospadias repair in adults still needs to be established on a larger Sami Ullah, Sundas Karimi, Haroon Sabir Khan, Umar Farooque, Omer Cheema, Priyanka Kumari, Komal Gir.