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Dec 11,  · Nobody seems to have a problem with KCM Naruto vs Gokage, KCM Naruto vs WA Gai, Kakashi and Sakura, some even argue that Adult Base Naruto can beat SM Hashirama, Adult Base Sakura has excelled too beyond her War Arc and the Last self, she can arguably beat them individually, it barely makes a difference if their together. Aug 16,  · Adult Sakura is a top tier around Nagato level and well ahead of Tobirama by feats and portrayal, the sannin as a group are also the equivalent of a top tier combatant but still below Nagato. Sakura should win without too many problems as long as she first targets Jiraiya who poses the only threat that is Frog song to kill her.

Dec 16,  · She displays better travel speed than him in the War arc, don’t see why her Adult self wouldn’t be even faster, she already blitzed Shin in the Boruto manga despite his MS on multiple angles. AP≠Range, Sakura’s attack power dismemebered Kaguya who to . Aug 15,  · Adult Sakura replaces Naruto vs Pain. Pain starts fresh though Sakura gets her novel feats against Kido that put her above Tobirama portrayal wise (and feat .

Honestly? (I’m assuming you mean Naruto when he fought Pain and not just in general); No, I don't think so. I’m not particularly anti-Sakura, but I will acknowledge that she’s honestly not much use in a combat situation. She’s a genius, that much. Was arguing with someone recently and they were convinced adult Sakura would body white mask Obito. What do you think? Everything related to the Naruto and Boruto series goes here. Although you could also talk about the topping too. k. Ramen Eaters. k. At .