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Jul 31,  · While some parents see bullying among their children as a normal form of sibling rivalry, few people realize that, in many families, it can continue well into adulthood. So, what is it Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Feb 03,  · Sibling bullying and abuse is so common, it's ignored, but is a hidden epidemic. Often mistaken for rivalry, it carries the same trauma as child abuse. victim role in adult .

One of the best ways to identify sibling bullying is to know the three components of bullying. These include a power imbalance, intentional actions, and repetitive behaviors.   In other words, when siblings regularly engage in name-calling, humiliation, intimidation, physical abuse, and other forms of bullying, this is sibling vulvaxxx.xyzted Reading Time: 5 mins. According to a study published in Pediatrics, aggression between young siblings can escalate into adult bullying. If that's the case for you, well now that you’re an adult, you can defend Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.