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older adult multitasking performance while driv-ing because there are at least two competing pos-sibilities for how divided attention might affect the useful field of view in real time: tunnel vision interference and general interference. tunnel Vision Interference Researchers have suggested that cognitive. Oct 09,  · Charron S, Koechlin E. Divided representation of concurrent goals in the human frontal lobes. Science. (), (). Clapp W, Rubens M, Sabharwal J, Gazzaley A. Deficit in switching between functions underlies the impact of multitasking memory in older adults.

"This study provides the first understanding of the neural brain mechanisms responsible for multitasking and memory in older adults," says the study's senior author, Adam Gazzaley, M.D., director of the UCSF Neuroscience Imaging Center. The research also shows that working memory is very fragile, he vulvaxxx.xyz: Loren Stein. Apr 11,  · Multitasking may get harder with age for good reason. A new study suggests older brains behave differently when it comes to switching between two tasks.