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Neuropsychiatric comorbidities in adults with phenylketonuria: A retrospective cohort study; individuals with PKU were identified within one of the American health insurance database, and these were compared with health insurance records from individuals with diabetes and records from 22, members of the general American population. PKU Information for Adults Living a healthy life with PKU requires lifelong care. Even if you’ve been away from the clinic or off management for some time, many of the symptoms of high or unstable blood phenylalanine (Phe) levels can be improved.

Adults with phenylketonuria (PKU) may experience neurologic and psychiatric disorders, including intellectual disability, anxiety, depression, and neurocognitive dysfunction. Identifying the prevalence and prevalence ratios of these conditions will inform clinical by: 35 rows · Jun 01,  · Treatment for PKU normally involves a phenyalanine-restricted diet .