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Adult Education Legislation & Policy Guidance Regulations and information concerning the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act of This law reforms federal employment, adult education, and vocational rehabilitation programs and integrates workforce investment and education activities for adults and youth. • Adult Education Programs should be delivered by both K and community colleges. • Support a stream of funding for Adult Education Programs that shall be available for unrestricted Adult Education purposes. • Allow each system, K and CCC, under current law to determine their Adult Education categories allowable for state funding.

The intent of this policy is to ensure that adult education and literacy programs throughout Arkansas will offer appropriate services to all students. Special thanks to the dedicated members of the policy committee for their continuing commitment to excellence. Adult Education and Family Literacy Guidelines, (PDF) Integrated Education and Training Proposal (Word) Integrated Education and Training Checklist (PDF) Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education Program Checklist (PDF) Policy Manual Program Policies. C Adult Education and Family Literacy Performance Standards (rev. 7/1/19) (PDF).

Continuing education and training for adult learners. Does not include further or higher education. Information and advice for older people about adult learning, including evening classes, computer courses, and improving your work skills. Advicenow is a service provided by Law for Life Visit the Law for Life website to learn more. explanations of policy requirements for organizations providing instructional services to adult education students: The success of a CALC or an AECI program rests on the effective implementation of policy requirements derived from multiple sources including federal legislation, research and data, and practitioner wisdom and experience.