The benefits of working at home - benefits of adult education research paper


benefits of adult education research paper - The benefits of working at home

The main research question was: What are the benefits of liberal adult education in the everyday life of the participants? The result of the research was that the benefits of the aforementioned. Dec 23,  · Adult education is an important tool that ensures individuals can keep up with today’s quickly changing technological world. Whether continuing education means improving English, completing a GED or learning a new skill, it helps adults gain the skills they need to be successful.

Economic Benefits of Adult Education Adult learning can improve employability and income, which is a key pathway to realizing a range of other benefits. For example it enables people to some extent, to choose and shape the context in which they live and work and even increase their social status. Jan 02,  · Adult learners who experience academic success in higher education tend to gain economic and personal benefits, which most likely provide social, political, and economic benefits for the broader society (Ritt ). Multiple Roles of Adult Learners.

Dec 23,  · Adult education is also termed as further education or lifelong education. Adult education is a social, cultural and also a political phenomenon nowadays. The idea of lifelong learning is becoming the starting point of social paradigm of education. Education is implementing not only at school institutions but also during the whole by: 4. In sum, the research in the field can be categorised as follows: 1) studies that describe the variation in participation rates among different groups, 2) studies that explore and/or investigate factors that explain the differences in participation rates in adult learning, adult education, workplace learning, etc., and 3) .