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Cognitive coaching influences teachers in the instructional process and all phases of planning, teaching, analyzing, and applying. The number of years of experience, gender of participants, or socioeconomic status did not significantly impact the influence of cognitive coaching in Alseike’s study () and Edwards’ study (). Many schools train specific teachers to be the building's cognitive, instructional, or transformational coaches (Peter DeWitt, "Which Coaching is Best for You?, Finding Common Ground column, Education Week, January 25, ), which is a great way to go — freeing these teachers from teaching duties so they can help their colleagues analyze and improve their teaching .

Cognitive coaching helps people to deal with challenging situations. Those can be in their personal life or their workplace. This particularly applies to people coping with a lot of stress. The techniques used help to build resilience so coachees can cope with challenges. Cognitive coaching also helps. For example, a teacher might wonder why their student keeps making Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. As an application of learning for adults, coaching may be considered a reflection of andragogy “ the art and science of helping adults learn” a la Knowles. The following questions guided the inquiry: 1. To what extent is there a relationship between andragogy in practice and coaching in practice as demonstrated by coaches? Size: 1MB.

Cognitive Coaching℠ is a powerful approach to enhancing teacher performance. At the heart of this training is the concept that we all have resources that enable us to grow and change from within. The person being coached, not the coach, evaluates what is good or poor, appropriate or inappropriate, effective or ineffective about his/her work. Sep 29,  · 5 Ways Parents and Adult Children Can Improve Their Relationship. Cognitive Coaching 12 Best Practices in Online Teaching and Learning.