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Hydronephrosis describes the situation where the urine collecting system of the kidney is dilated. This may be a normal variant or it may be due to an underlying illness or medical condition. Normally, the kidney filters waste products from blood and disposes of it in the urine. Dilatation The most important cause of ureteral dilatation that needs to be ruled out is obstruction due to neoplasm. This is almost always transitional cell carcinoma and rarely metastatic disease or squamous cell carcinoma. The most common cause is urinary stones.

Jan 02,  · A ureterocele is rare, especially with duplication of the collection system in adult women's nonorthotopic (extravesical) position. Ureteroceles is a developmental anomaly with cystic dilation of the distal aspect of the ureter and are often associated with some urological anomaly such as a duplicated system or stenotic ureteric vulvaxxx.xyz: Prahara Yuri, Eldo Taufila Putra Utama. Renal pelvis dilation is a condition that affects the urinary system and causes the kidney to swell with fluid. This condition is called hydronephrosis and primarily affects two population groups: infants and older adults. During pregnancy, anomalies in fetal development can result in kidney abnormalities.