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Half of younger adults with colorectal cancer also have a chronic condition that can cause inflammation in the gut. The effects of these factors could start very early in life—in childhood, infancy, or even in the womb—noted Caitlin Murphy, Ph.D., M.P.H., of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Chemicals in the Environment. Mar 05,  · In , 12% of colorectal cancer cases will be diagnosed in people under 50 – about 18, cases. Rates have been increasing since the mids in adults ages years and since the mids in adults ages years, with younger age groups experiencing the steepest Stacy Simon.

Jun 26,  · The researchers found that young adult non-Hispanic Black men living in these areas are part of a group in which there is an alarming trend of increasing rates of early-onset . Jun 07,  · Other approved methods include: Sigmoidoscopies. These look at the rectum and part of the colon. If no polyps are found, these tests are generally Stool tests that detect blood in fecal matter. Studies show they can lower the number of colorectal cancer Author: Jennifer Clopton.

Fast Facts about Colorectal Cancer in Young Adults By , cases of colorectal cancer in people under 50 are expected to nearly double. (JAMA Surgery ) The death rate from colorectal cancer for people ages 20 to 54 rose between and Jun 03,  · June 3, -- Young adults are often not aware they can get colon cancer, and doctors are often late to diagnose it in younger patients, according to new research presented at .