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To use a female condom, one ring is inserted into the vagina before sex to hold the condom in place. The ring at the open end of the female condom remains outside the vagina. To use the female condom. Latex is the most common material for condoms. Not only do condoms come in various shapes and sizes, they also contain different materials, including latex, .

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Pinching the reservoir shut with one hand, place the condom against the tip of the erect penis. With your other hand, push your pubic hair out of the way if necessary. Then, gently roll the condom down the entire shaft of the penis, smoothing out any air bubbles that may appear. Follow these same steps for putting a condom on a sex toy. An expired condom is less effective and more liable to break because the material starts to break down. Check for wear and tear. Condoms stored in a wallet or purse may be sat on or folded.