Celebs Do It Doggy Style and damn they are HOT! - celebs and there fetishs


celebs and there fetishs - Celebs Do It Doggy Style and damn they are HOT!

Jul 07,  · Although celebrities are often looked at as some of the coolest people on the scene, even they aren’t exempt from having some pretty peculiar habits and obsessions. If you thought your favorite stars were perfect, you’re definitely in for a real treat. Here are 10 celebrities with weird fetishes you didn’t know about. Quentin TarantinoAuthor: Camillemoore. Celebrity Fetishes: Stars Reveal What They Find Sexy Earlier this week, Bradley Cooper was the target of a salacious rumor suggesting that he was dumped by model Laura Simpson, a pal of his “Silver Linings Playbook” co-star Jennifer Lawrence, because Simpson was weirded out by his alleged obsession with her feet.

Apr 03,  · We all have a kink or two hiding in the closet. Celebrities are no different than the rest of us. What may be your fetish may also be the fetish of one of your favorite celebrities. Of course, there are some fetishes that may seem a bit weird at first, but who are we to judge?Author: Hetty Tullis. Take a look at 10 Bollywood celebrities and their crazy fetishes. 2 of Ameesha Patel Ameesha Patel is always seen carrying an expensive branded bag. She owns a bag in almost every luxury brand.

Celebs and their food fetish. SECTIONS. Celebs and their food fetish. ET Bureau Last Updated: May 07, , AM IST. Share. Font Size. Abc Small. Abc Medium. Abc Large. Save. Print. Comment. Synopsis. Through life's highs and lows, these stars looked for the ultimate satisfaction in food. Here is a list of celebs who love food. Apr 26,  · These celebs love their partners from head to toes. "They have to be clean. I'm not into, like, funky odors, but I do have a bit of a foot fetish, yes. .