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The principles, methods, tools, and practices of female domination which women use to train men in FLRs are as capable of wide scale social progress as they are in creating fulfilling and happy relationships. Female domination not only changes the world one man at a time, it can also be beneficially applied to every aspect of life and society. Everyone needs the Dominant/submissive lifestyle. It offers such amazing insight and opportunity to healthy couples wishing to fulfill their potential. Lack of role clarity, on the other hand, creates opportunity for walls to be built and frustration to build.

The Female Domination lifestyle is liberating to women and it is also liberating for men as they now can fulfill that yearning within them. The Female Domination lifestyle can be a win/win relationship for both the woman and the man. "As far as my belief system goes, I have grown a lot over the years and I am a Female Supremacist. Lifestyle Dominants show that they take good care of their bodies, have self-control, and are self-disciplined. If a Dom can’t do those things for themselves, then they can’t really take care of, control, and discipline their sub. They have to lead by example. Take care, and I wish you the best on your BDSM journey!????

first. Ask questions you have about this lifestyle to someone who already practices it. Make sure this is a lifestyle that you truly want to adopt for your relationship. 2. Be prepared for the "common hesitations" ahead of time. The second step we recommend is to anticipate how your partner may react so you're prepared for it. Very few. Oct 10,  · Life under female rule Most of the predictions of gynarchy in the early phase of the genderquake came from men, indulging sexual fantasies about all-powerful women who reduced men to being their slaves. In a lurid and often confused imagery, women were dressed in business suits one minute, in alluring negligees and heels the next.