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Las Vegas has been particularly hard hit, and for that reason we sadly had to postpone the 25th Annual Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball until October 30, (God willing). Hopefully the pandemic will be under control by that point, and we can move forward and not have to . Then look no further than the Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball in Las Vegas. At this deliciously debauched event, revelers don their most daring kinky and spooky outfits to enjoy a variety of entertainment that blends the celebration of All Hallow’s Eve with a fetish party.4/5.

Aug 29,  · A fetish is basically anything other than human genitals that cause a specific person to become sexually aroused. A sexual fantasy is a scenario that causes someone to become sexually aroused. a fetish is a tangible object, fantasy is an action. If someone really wanted to get raped, that would be considered a fantasy. What sort of information are you looking for? It's a big, not-too-crowded party - the venue is plenty large enough to handle it. I see that this year GA has two entrances so that should help solve the line problems they've had in the past.

Feb 17,  · This is a fantasy depicting an id unchained, liberated from the ever-moderating, Cuckolding: The Secret Kink/Fetish. The Politics of Cuckolding. The Appeal, for . Apr 21,  · This is rape fantasy, a form of fetish role play that is extremely popular in the world of kink. The fine line between role play and rape is .