Her Vagina Has More Nerve Cells Than Her Brain - laser therapy and facial nerve pain


laser therapy and facial nerve pain - Her Vagina Has More Nerve Cells Than Her Brain

Recent studies have described the anti-inflammatory, anti-oedemigenic, and antalgic effects of Nd:YAG laser, justifying its use as therapy for pain and inflammation. As mentioned above, laser affects tissues differently depending on the wavelength, pulse duration, pulse/energy, energy density, and delivery system. High-power laser therapy is one of the fastest, most effective modalities therapists currently have to treat pain and inflammation. “Unfortunately, laser is not covered by insurance, and high-power lasers can be difficult to find because they are expensive.

Laser treatments are effective at decreasing overall nerve pain and repair times. Class IV cold lasers are excellent treatments for accelerating nerve repair and regeneration. Cold lasers have very little risk of adverse events or side effects. Yamada Y, Yamada H, Orihara H, et al. Preliminary clinical study comparing the effevct of low level laser therapy and corticosteroid therapy in the treatment of facial palsy. Laser Therapy. 7 (4): Brugnara Jr A et al. Low level laser therapy in the treatment of lesions of the inferior alveolar and mental nerves.

Background: Traumatic facial palsy, whether accidental or iatrogenic, is a common cause of facial paralysis. Laser acupuncture therapy (LAT) is a non-invasive, pain-free method to stimulate traditional acupuncture points with non-thermal laser irradiation. Low-level laser therapy has proven beneficial in the regeneration of peripheral vulvaxxx.xyz by: 1. Naturopathic Medicine: Laser Treatments can be Effective for Nerve Pain and Damage By Jennifer Krieger, ND PINS AND NEEDLES – BURNING – TINGLING – STINGING – ACHING – NUMB – WEAK – SENSITIVE – these are the words that my patients often use to describe the pain they are experiencing that is caused by neuropathy.