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Skin rash and Swollen lips WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms skin rash and swollen lips . Apr 24,  · Facial swelling has a range of possible causes, from minor events like sleeping on your face to serious medical conditions like anaphylaxis. Get the facts on these and many other causes. Find out.

Aug 28,  · Angioedema is severe swelling of the deeper tissues of the skin, especially in the face and lips. One of the most dangerous allergic reactions is anaphylaxis. Its symptoms include chest tightness Author: James Roland. Dec 08,  · A facial rash that is associated with allergies combined with shortness of breath, wheezing, or swelling of the face, lips or tongue is a symptom of a serious, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. Seek immediate medical care (call ) if you, or someone you are with, have any of these symptoms.

Jan 30,  · Facial rashes, redness, itching and swelling may arise from a chronic skin condition, insect bites or an allergic reaction to an offending substance. Determining the cause of an outbreak often helps prevent recurring episodes and the accompanying embarrassment, irritation and frustration. Here are some of the causes of facial swelling and rash. Sep 04,  · Perioral dermatitis is an inflammatory rash involving the skin around the mouth. The rash may spread up to the nose or even the eyes. In Author: Tricia Kinman.