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pregnant and no breast soreness - Solo Lactation with great dripping Nipples by Spyro1958

Dec 11,  · But because every pregnancy is different, every pregnant woman's symptoms are different. Some women have breast tenderness as soon as a few days after conception, whereas others don't experience it until weeks later. For some, the soreness starts early and stays late. For others, it starts late and doesn't last very long at all. Sep 21,  · No sore breasts in early pregnancy does not mean that there is something wrong, especially when there are other signs of pregnancy. Some other common pregnancy signs are food cravings, missed periods, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, increased urination, cramping, constipation, and mood swings.

In addition, while breast soreness is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy, not every woman experiences the same degree of soreness. So having no or fleeting breast soreness in early pregnancy should not be interpreted as a sign of miscarriage. The same goes for a change in the frequency of urination and other pregnancy symptoms. Just because you had sore breasts early on in your first pregnancy does not mean you will in your second or third pregnancy. Breast pain does .

I never had sore breasts, or bigger breasts, during my whole pregnancy - and my pregnancy was totally fine, no complications at all. The only thing I did experience was some "morning" sickness from approx week I wouldn't worry about it. . Jul 19,  · Any general fluctuating symptoms in early pregnancy are absolutely normal, and breast tenderness certainly falls in that category, according to The Archives of Medical Science. The issue, as with.