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Sep 12,  · Taking into account the advances in biometrics, AI, IoT, and other technologies, this next-generation ATM is capable of face recognition for identity verification and settlement with QR codes. Feb 26,  · According to NEC, to set up facial recognition cash withdrawals, customers first insert their cash cards and have a photo of their face taken with a camera installed within the ATM. .

Facial recognition technology is an Alchera specialty. The company has designed and implemented facial recognition solutions in a diverse range of applications including retail, construction, and airports. At the ATM, there are three top-level concerns: data security, accuracy, and fraud. Feb 26,  · CaixaBank maintains momentum in cash innovation as they roll out their latest ATM feature – facial recognition technology – bringing efficiency, security and convenience to .

Jun 09,  · FACE RECOGNITION: CaixaBank is rolling out biometric ATMs across its 30 Store branches in Spain Spain’s CaixaBank is to deploy ATMs equipped with facial recognition technology nationwide “with the goal of offering a better user experience and greater security in transactions, particularly in the context of Covid”. Aside from the basic structure of a person’s face, the latest facial recognition technology also identifies more than 15, points on an ATM users face before validating a transaction, making it impossible for someone to just hold up a photograph of a face, or wear a face mask like they do in the movies.